Our support for the community is critical!

Nuno Miguel Guerra

As a community, we know well how essential the role is of professionals who work in the day-to-day of nursing homes and other institutions, because they are there, every day, to take care of those who are dearest to us, who we keep the best memories and for whom we want the best in this particularly challenging time. With the huge commitment of professionals and caregivers to ensure the well-being and safety of this patients, we decided to show our gratitude by developing the +Próximo to help them in the early detection of cases of respiratory infection, thus allowing to safeguard teams and patients

Nuno Miguel Guerra CEO at Create IT

In the context of community support, and to address the Covid-19 Pandemic, we developed at Create IT a project at the level of the Évora District, articulated with regional entities (District Social Security, Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, Misericórdias, IPSS's and Cooperative Entities), to monitor patients of Nursing Homes and other institutions throughout the district.

The +Próximo app meets the necessary criteria for both pre-screening and monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 in the most vulnerable patients to the virus, who need diagnosis and closer follow-up: our elderly.

Based on the clinical indications provided by the Medical Specialties And Clinical Direction Service of the Hospital do Espirito Santo de Évora, the +Próximo app aims to facilitate the work of professionals and caregivers who accompany patients, who have already done much by those who are dear to us, allowing us to collect data, on various scales, of the following symptoms: Cough, Fever, Oxygenation, COPD, Sore Throat and Headaches and /or muscle.

Depending on the symptoms the app +Próximo classifies the patient as to the risk associated with his health status, recommending the appropriate level of care, and also keeps the history of the data to monitor the evolution of the patient.

With this monitoring it is possible an early detection of cases of respiratory infection, namely by the frequent measurement of oxygenation of the patient, identifying respiratory problems even before the presentation of more severe symptoms which allows professionals and caregivers to anticipate the actions to be taken

At the moment, we are already extending the project to other geographies, and if you have an interest that a particular Nursing Home or other institution has access to our app, just register it HERE.

The application is distributed in 3 areas:

  • Administration Portal:

    It allows the registration of Nursing Homes and other institutions and also to create the user profile of the professionals associated. Only users with an Administrator profile can access this area.
  • Institution Portal:

    It allows the creation of users for patients by the professionals of each institution. For follow-up, it allows to have an aggregate view of the situation in the institution and monitor the level of care to be provided to each patient. The +Próximo app also allows you to consult details of each patient and all their records, also showing graphs of the evolution of the patient's situation. Only users with the Professional profile can access this area. Each professional can register directly in the application or request registration from an Administrator.
  • Users Portal:

    Once the user is created, the patient or his/her caregiver must access the portal to register and receive the activation link in the email. With this you have access to your records and may include new information about body temperature, body aches, cough, blood saturation level, medication taken since the last registration, etc.

This is a project that started in Évora, where we are talking about a universe of more than 3,000 users among entities, professionals and patients involved, but we also want to make available to all institutions that have an interest in simplifying the daily routines of their teams through the digitization of patients monitoring processes.

We are doing our best to help those who are dedicated every day to providing the best care to those who need them most at this stage.

May this contribution of ours help and show that WE ARE TOGETHER!