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Estamos Mais Próximo

A FREE app for detection of respiratory complications and support in the fight against COVID-19 .

About the App

The App Estamos Mais Próximo, which was distributed free of charge by Create IT between April 2020 and March 2021, allows for the early detection of respiratory complications through the usage of an oximeter, in patients of Nursing Homes and Other Institutions. This analysis was not a substitutefor the best assessment by the health professionals who accompanied the users from time to time, whether they were professionals in Elderly Homes or Other Institutions team.

The recommendations made in the context of the application were created based on the indications provided by the Service of Medical Specialties and Clinical Management of the Medical Specialties And Clinical Direction Service of the Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, whose support we are very grateful.


Luiz Cavaco

In order to support the community we serve, we have embraced the project and we appreciate the donation of oximeters to the institutions that need it, ensuring a network of care close and attentive in relation to these risk groups

Luis Cavaco

Member of the Board of Directors of the Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora
Teresa Cardoso

In this application algorithm it is considered the typical pathologies of users belonging to this risk group (by their age) in order to allow the, with the help of the app, to arrive to the hospital at the right time.

Teresa Cardoso

Director of the Pulmonology Service of the Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora
Tiago Albaroado

The agility of the entire team was essential to ensure a fast availability of the application as well as the availability of oximeters to the district institutions that most needed them

Tiago Abalroado

President of the Direction of the District Union of Private Institutions of Social Solidarity of Évora
Inácio Esperança

We made ourselves available from the first hour to distribute the oximeters through the nursing homes and other institutions in the district to help a rapid operationalization of the project

Inácio Esperança

President of the Federation of Firefighters of the Évora District
Manuel Galante

This initiative strengthens confidence and facilitates the work of home professionals because it allows close and regular monitoring of the situation of each patient

Manuel Galante

President of the Évora Regional Secretariat of the Union of Portuguese Mercies

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