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I'm a nursing home or institution

How can my institution have access to the app?

Send an email to contacto@maisproximo.pt and request to register your institution.

I'm a professional, How could I have accessed the app?

Once you had registered your institution send an email to contact@maisproximo.pt to request your access

What were the benefits of having access to the app?

With the Estamos Mais Próximo application you could manage in an integrated way the follow-up to users of your institution, monitoring symptoms and health parameters that will allow you to detect respiratory infections early, one of the main pathologies associated with complications in the context of pandemic Covid-19.

I don't have an oximeter, Could I have used the app?

Yes, the app also worked in case you did not have an oximeter. Although it is recommended to use oximeter given its added value in the detection of possible respiratory infections, the algorithm also works in the absence of this factor, taking into account all other existing factors such as body temperature, cough or respiratory difficulty.

I have only one oximeter in my institution, Can I use the app?

Yes, all you had to do is have an oximeter to monitor all users of your institution. We naturally recommend correct disinfection of the patient before applying the oximeter.

How many professionals could have used the app?

TAll those deemed necessary by the institution since the application has no limit on the number of users.

How many patients could I monitor?

All patients of the institution, whether they are hospitalized or are accompanied on an outpatient basis.

I am a patient, family member of a patient or a caregiver

I'm a patient of an institution, What benefits did I have when using the app?

If the accompanying institution used the application, it would have a historical record of your situation which you can share with health professionals in case of need to go to a health unit as well as yourself or your caregiver or family member.

I'm a family member or a caregiver of a patient, What benefits did I have when using the app?

If the accompanying institution used the app, it would have a historical record of patient situation simplifying the provision of information to the relatives or caregivers.

My institution already has the app

I have a problem registering, Who could I have contacted?

To receive help with any difficulties with the application, please contact us via email suporte@maisproximo.pt.

Describe the situation found indicating the steps that were performed and, if possible, the screenshot of the screen with the error display.

Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

I was not yet familiar with the application and want to clarify some questions of use, where could I have gotten help?

Send your questions to email suporte@maisproximo.pt that we will provide all the help necessary for the use of the application.

If you have not found an answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email suporte@maisproximo.pt